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140ml Sauce BioCup

40.47 GBP

Product Code: R-140-PLA

Clear sauce BioCups are sustainably sourced from managed plantations with a bioplastic lining made from plants, not oil. They are commercially compostable - speak to us about commercial composting in your area. Note: this cup is for cold use only. This cup only fits our PLA lid options C-76 and C-76D(X).

  • Brim full capacity: 145ml
  • Diameter top: 76mm
  • Product size: 0mm L x 76mm W x 41mm H
  • Carton size: 39.6cm L x 32cm W x 30cm H
  • Carton total weight: 5.4kg
  • Pieces per carton: 1,000
  • Pieces per sleeve: 50

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Availability: In stock

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Made from Ingeo™, a plant-based bioplastic, our PLA sauce cups are perfectly clear and sturdy.

  • They perform excellently when serving cold food and drinks – smoothies, juices, fruit salads, muesli, parfaits etc.
  • The carbon footprint of producing Ingeo™ bioplastic is up to 75% smaller than conventional plastics such as PET.
  • Commercially compostable - speak to us about commercial composting in your local area
  • Bioplastics must be stored out of direct sun and below 35°C. If stored correctly, they have a 12-month shelf life.
  • Bioplastic does not have suitable oxygen barrier properties to store food for more than a few days

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