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Packaging Materials

This Agreement was last modified on June 29, 2015.


“Cornstarch” Polylactic acid – or PLA – is derived from the resin of cornstarch or other natural starches, which are wholly renewable and therefore is a completely sustainable resource for packaging. PLA is light and durable and is safe and non-toxic. Cornstarch packaging is 100% compostable under industrial composting conditions.

“Potato Starch” The potato starch we use comes from waste potatoes, not a crop grown expressly for their manufacture. The 100% compostable material contains no oil based materials, plastics or harmful toxins, and carries the EN13432 certification. It’s durable, but will break down in just 12 weeks on a compost heap, making it the ideal material for multi-use retail carrier bags or hygienic domestic disposal bags.

“Recycled Post-Consumer Waste” Some of our products contain recycled post-consumer waste, which is both biodegradable and compostable – and highly sustainable as a raw material. We scrupulously verify their suitability for direct contact with foodstuffs including certifications from the FDA and PIRA.

“Palm” Hailing from Northern India and naturally shed, the palm leaf sheaths we use for our products provide valuable employment for small village communities, in their harvesting. Palm is a versatile and fully biodegradable and compostable material. If you’re looking for something a bit different to package and present your products – especially food – palm is a perfect choice.

“Sugarcane or Bagasse”  Sugarcane is a natural by-product of the sugar industry which would conventionally be disposed by dumping in landfill or burning. Compliant with EN13432 (the European standard of compostability), our catering disposables made from this material can tolerate the freezer or microwave, and won’t leak or absorb.

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