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About Biopac

We’re all about protecting the environment

We set up Biopac in 2002 and have seen our company quickly grow to become the UK’s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly food packaging and catering products.

We have taken a leading role in the research and development of high performance alternatives to oil-based and unsustainable materials and work with a number of leading institutes and research centres to develop new materials, find renewable feedstocks and use innovative new technologies to achieve this objective. To enable us to do this research effectively, we have created a completely separate consultancy, Biopac Technology, which supports sustainability programmes for fast food retailers, fresh produce manufacturers, outdoor events and retailers. Our solution is to use biodegradable disposables and packaging items that decompose naturally with no harmful effects on the environment.

With the stronger focus on protecting the environment, and the stricter regulations all businesses face today, it’s more important than ever to use 100% biodegradable food packaging. All of our innovative products are designed not to harm the environment, as they can be fully composted alongside their associated food waste.

To see the future of sustainable packaging and discover how you can play a part in shaping it, go to www.biopac-technology.co.uk.

We are always looking at ways to grow our range of eco-friendly catering disposables. The more products like this we can offer you, the less waste goes into landfill. So browse around our extensive product range now. If we don't have a product which suits your needs, we'll do our best to create a bespoke packaging solution just for you.

Watch our video below on why compostable coffee cups are the future.