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Custom Branding

Custom designed branding for your company

Branding which has been custom designed for your business increases the visibility of your brand and shows that you’re an environmentally responsible company. In short, it can help to attract new customers, foster brand loyalty and develop trust in your brand.

We already support a wide range of customers in this way from local businesses to global brands. All of our products can be branded for you at production stage, subject to a minimum order. This can just be your logo, or for greater impact you can have full colour branding of our entire product. This service is available for almost all of our product range, including paper napkins, hot and cold drink cups, hot food containers, sandwich packaging, soup containers, eco-friendly bags and much more.

For smaller quantities or smaller budgets, we can print self-adhesive labels for you to apply to your products, or we can produce a rubber stamp so you can stamp your logo onto the packaging.

If you need advice on promoting your brand using printed catering disposables, call us today on 01386 555 777.