Hayley Ray, Founder of Soulfuel, uses Biopac’s compostable containers to serve her healthy, nutritious Smoothie Bowls. Our Marketing Manager Karen, talks to Hayley about her decision to use sustainable packaging from Biopac for her new venture.
Hayley Ray Soulfuel
Karen: Hi Hayley, thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. We’d love to find out a bit more about your business and how Soulfuel came about?

Hayley: I launched Soulfuel back in 2017 when I became interested in the healing power of food. This followed my own battle with Endometriosis and PCOS which pushed me into making dramatic changes to my diet and lifestyle to help my body recover. I am now fortunate to be able to share my journey and support others on their road to better health, with Soulfuel Smoothie Bowls.

Karen: That sounds really interesting and great that you are now able to use your personal experience to help others. What is a Smoothie Bowl and what do they consist of?

Hayley: Soulfuel Smoothie Bowls are a convenient, delicious way to get antioxidants, nutrients and organic ingredients all in one sitting. They’re gluten, dairy and sugar free, blending all the good-for-you ingredients, nutrients and super foods such as matcha, chia seeds, acai, and cacao. Topped with gluten-free granola, fruit, coconut chips and dried raspberries – fuelling your soul!

Pictured right: Hayley Ray, Founder of Soulfuel

Karen: The Smoothie Bowls sound very healthy and you have some fantastic pictures – Thank you for sharing these with us on social media. Why did you choose to serve your Smoothie Bowls in Biopac’s compostable food containers?

Hayley: We love the Biopac packaging! With such a strong focus on living a healthy lifestyle, Biopac’s healthy packaging was the perfect choice for us. We buy your compostable yoghurt containers for our Smoothie Bowls. It’s great that they are fully compostable and plastic free! They also have a message printed on them to say they are compostable, which is great for our customers to see.
Compostable granola pot
Karen: Thanks Hayley. And have you had any feedback from your customers on the packaging?

Hayley: Yes we have. We’ve had such positive feedback from our customers. As a business owner, I'm very very conscious about how much waste I produce, consume and make. Reducing the consumption of plastic by choosing a sustainable alternative wherever I can, is very important to me. By using compostable containers, we’ve not only reduced our carbon footprint at Soulfuel, we've also reduced our customer’s carbon footprint too!

Karen: So what’s next for Soulfuel?

We’re now looking to take the next step in our business venture and are currently crowdfunding to raise additional funds to allow us to begin the manufacturing process of products in a factory. Producing our Soulfuel Smoothie and Smoothie Bowl products on a large scale will allow us to achieve a shelf life of around 28 days making it more attractive to retail outlets – Helping to create positive changes in the lives of their customers.

Thank you Hayley for being this week’s #EcoChampion. We’re proud to be part of your journey and wish you every success with Soulfuel and your crowdfunding project.

Finally, we asked Hayley to provide a testimonial for Biopac:

“Biopac is more than an eco-friendly food packaging company. It’s a company with values that align well with our values at Soulfuel. Biopac is working towards a more sustainable future for everyone and they really do want to make a difference. They provide valuable support to businesses they work with to do the same, and have gone above and beyond to support me and my business.”

About the Biopac product featured:

Click here to view biopac's range of compostable containers Soulfuel use. They are 100% compostable with a message printed 'I'm 100% compostable' to help you promote your green credentials. Available in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz and 24oz.

Would you like to be our next #EcoChampion? Email Karen@biopac.co.uk to find out more.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can support Soulfuel in their mission to get their products in to retail outlets to make them more easily accessible to their customers click here to visit their crowd funding page. Or you can visit their website here - www.soulfueluk.co.uk.