The Guardian has recently reported that supermarkets create almost 1m tonnes of plastic a year. With plastic waste being very topical and high up on the Government's agenda, The Guardian said 'Supermarkets are coming under growing pressure from politicians and campaigners to reveal the amount of plastic they create, and pay more towards its safe disposal.'

Whilst supermarkets are yet to publicly reveal the amount of plastic waste they are each responsible for, Waitrose and Iceland have recently revealed their plans to reduce the amount of plastic used in their supermarkets.

  • Iceland will become the first supermarket to go 'plastic-free' for own brand products by 2023 (find out more)
  • Waitrose are going to be free from black plastic packaging by 2019 (find out more).

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Meanwhile, are campaigning for plastic-free aisles in supermarkets and have over 40,000 signatures on the petition so far. This further highlights that the public care and want to see significant changes made by businesses to protect the environment. Click here to sign their petition.

With plastic free packaging readily available, it's time all caterers, food outlets and supermarkets start to consider plastic free alternatives to the packaging they currently use. A key responsibility lies with the UK Government to provide suitable disposal routes, which our European neighbours have already established.

At Biopac, we specialise in compostable packaging and their disposal. To view our range of plastic-free packaging, click here. For more infromation or to request samples, please feel free to contact us.

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