Biopac has designed a range of eco-friendly disposables for the Sustainable Restaurant Association in support of its new Cafe Rating.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) has recently launched a new cafe rating, an excellent new scheme to improve sustainability standards across cafes in the UK. The SRA has been working with Costa to develop this scheme and support more than 10,000 Cafes on their sustainability journey.

The new rating places a great emphasis on the high volume of disposable items used by cafes, encouraging the use of eco-friendly alternatives. The SRA approached Biopac to design a range of compostable disposables to make available to Cafes who achieve this rating.

Mark Linehan, Managing Director of the SRA, said: "UK cafes use hundreds of millions of disposable cups every year, not to mention all the other containers. The cafe sector has already improved its recycling record but there is a long way to go and that’s why we’ve teamed up with Biopac to provide businesses with an excellent sustainable range of products."

Mark Brigden, Technical Director at Biopac, said: "We were only too pleased to support The SRA with this new initiative. The team work very hard to improve sustainability standards across the UK and packaging disposables play a big part in this."

The range includes coffee cups, soup containers, hot food boxes, paper bags and napkins.
     SRA Cafe Packaging

Functional and sustainable, all items can be fully composted when they've reached their end of life, so very kind to the environment.

Mark Brigden added, "As well as giving cafes an environmentally responsible alternative to conventional oil-based products, these disposables will also help promote their level of sustainability as all items carry a message to say they have been awarded an SRA sustainability rating."

Cafes can contact Biopac directly on 01386 555 777 or email to order eco-friendly packaging and get in touch with the SRA via email or call 020 7479 4224 to discuss their cafes sustainability.