Finally, the summer holidays are here! There will be lots of days out and trips to the seaside planned over the next 6 weeks. Although society has become much more aware of the effects of plastic, it sadly remains an issue for the UK’s lovely tourist destinations.

At Biopac we have put together 5 easy ways to reduce your plastic waste and in turn, your carbon footprint this summer:

1. Take your mess with you (this one is very simple)

Initiatives like Surfers Against Sewage and their volunteers work hard all year round to reduce plastic pollution and keep our beaches clean, but many must still think that they are just one giant dust bin.Whether you are going to the beach, the park, hiking in an AONB or any other tourist destination, make sure you take your litter with you. You could even make it your mission to help by picking up a few pieces litter up that others have left. Many public areas have now started to label bins, to help you ensure that the waste is going via the right streams too.  There is a campaign called take 3 for the sea, where you pick up 3 pieces of rubbish every time you go to the sea.

 2. Choose to reuse

Plastic bottles are the worst offenders when it comes to plastic waste, yet they shouldn’t be as it is so much easier and cheaper to switch to a reusable water bottle! Many UK cities and tourist attractions have accessible water fountains you can use, and you can always be cheeky after a visit to a café or restaurant by asking them to fill your bottle up for the road. London has just announced that they are installing 100 new water fountains around the city.

Did you know that many UK Airports have water fountains too? You can save yourself a lot of money by taking an empty water bottle and filling up beyond security. Water fountains are also often more accessible in cities abroad such as Rome. So, there is big money and waste to be saved there.There is nothing stopping you from expanding on this and taking your own reusable bags, cutlery, straws and eco-friendly Tupperware to help further reduce plastic waste that will end up in landfill.

3. Where you can’t reuse seek out places that use eco-friendly disposables

In many situations, it just isn’t possible to reuse on the go. Biopac work closely with thousands of businesses in the food service industry to reduce their carbon footprint with their plastic-free and eco-friendly food packaging alternatives. There aren’t many areas in the UK now that doesn’t have a food or drink outlet that uses eco-friendly packaging for their hot cups, tumblers, straws, cutlery, takeaway boxes, napkins and much more. Biopac’s after sales care will also help connect customers to composting collectors.  Turning the packaging and food scraps into much needed, nutrient rich compost via an industrial composter or home composting. If you come across a food and drink outlet that isn’t using eco-friendly packaging in this day and age, then ask them why not?

 4. Use less harmful travel toiletries

Switch your plastic travel toiletry bottles out for reusable ones. There are several soaps, toothpastes, toothbrushes, moisturizers and sun creams that are made from (or packed in) eco-friendly materials. This should stop you leaving your toiletries behind or using hotel toiletries in plastic bottles that are provided and disposed of, often incorrectly, by the accommodation provider.

5. Bring back something local

Let’s face it, you never want to spend your holiday money on bringing stuff back for others, which is why you always pick up the cheapest keyrings, fridge magnets or toys that are usually imported and made of plastic. This year look out for local produce that you can bring back for your friends and family instead like fudge, beer, wine, honey or jams that don’t come wrapped in plastic. Looking for a t-shirt or tea-towel? They may not be made locally but you can look for products made with more eco-friendly materials that are recycled or made of pure cotton.

Be the change and give these 5 simple and cost-effective tips a go this summer. We would love to see your plastic-free holidays, especially if you come across our products on your travels. Email your images to or tag us across our social media channels on @biopacltd and we will get sharing them!