eco-friendly pizza box

For years Biopac have led the way with eco-friendly food packaging and have invested in intensive research and development to find the best products to suit catering needs. Yet, sometimes we discover that our customers find other uses for our products.

Inspired by his love of Sci-fi films, Peter Jump owner of ceramic business Stepstone Pottery designed, the “Intergalactic Pizza Stone”. The stone helps amateur and professional chefs alike produce restaurant-quality pizzas thanks to its advanced design, which includes 80 perforations. It’s cleverly shaped holes allow moisture to rapidly vent from the dough to produce a perfect base every time.

Peter tries to operate as sustainably as he can, which is why he chose Biopac to provide the packaging for his pizza stone. He uses the Biopac compostable 12” Kraft pizza box to deliver the product in with a reclaimed corrugated cardboard inside the box as to protection for the pizza stone, that he is given by a large electrical retailer.

When asked about how his customers feel about receiving this packaging, Peter said, “customers really appreciate not having any plastic, especially polystyrene, to dispose of, which could easily end up in landfill. They much prefer having packaging that can all be either easily recycled or composted.”

He also builds his own equipment using reclaimed and repurposed materials, such as his work bench made from an old Wendy House.

Peter added “Biopac’s products fit in well with my sustainability goals at a competitive price.”

So, if you are looking for an eco-friendly packaging alternative for a non-food product, we may be able to help you too! Take a look at our products on the website or speak to our sales team on or 01386 555 777 for further advice.

If you fancy giving Peter’s Intergalactic pizza a stone a go, then it is currently available on Amazon.