We have heard many of the usual new year's resolutions - to get back back into the gym, lose weight, eat healthier... But we hear less about the choices people make that have a more positive impact on the environment. We're urging everyone to make just one eco-friendly change in 2015.

There are many ways you can support the environment we live in. Here's our top five:

Recycle - You could recycle more at home or at work. Compost - Compost your food scraps. Reduce food waste - Plan your meals better when you go shopping (better for your pocket and the environment!). Car share/use public transport - Both will help to eliminate carbon emissions. Energy efficient lightbulbs - Change the lightbulbs in your home to energy efficient ones.

If you're a cafe owner, takeaway or streetfood trader, why not change just one takeaway item to an eco-friendly alternative?

Biodegradable disposables are the most eco-friendly

Biopac have taken a leading role in research and development to establish high performance alternatives to oil based and unsustainable materials. Our solution is to use biodegradable disposables and packaging items that decompose naturally and with no harmful effects on the environment.

The importance of using 100% biodegradable products is paramount with the environmental concerns and regulations we face today. These problems can be faced head on by using biodegradable food packaging. These innovative products do not harm the environment, as they can be fully composted alongside the food waste associated with it – ideal for caterers and foodservice outlets. If you can change just one item in your business to a biodegradable one (boxes, bags, cups...) you will be helping to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill.

There are still companies who don't realise there is an eco-friendly alternative out there. To view our full range, visit our products page. It costs less than you think to give your customers the green packaging they now expect.