MYPIE London buys Sugarcane Clamshells and Bowls along with Starch Cutlery from Biopac and are very proud of their eco friendly credentials. In celebration of British Pie Week this week (5-9 March), our Marketing Manager Karen talks to Chris Brumby from MYPIE London about his decision to use sustainable packaging from Biopac.MY PIE London

Karen: Happy British Pie Week! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today. Firstly, it would be great to find out a bit more about MYPIE London and how it all started?

Chris: MYPIE started back in 2014. We're very proud to say that we have used biodegradable packaging and cutlery from Day 1! Sustainability is very important to us as a business. We make all of our own products – pies, sausage rolls and scotch eggs – and have won plenty of awards for them along the way!

Karen: Congratulations! It's great to be recognised for the work you do and you're clearly very passionate about it. We're seeing many more start up businesses setting up with eco-friendly packaging from the outset. Why was it so important to you to do this?

Chris: More and more attention is being paid to the environment by traders, customers and the press but we mainly use sustainable packaging for our own personal satisfaction. I hate eating from polystyrene myself and the starch cutlery is much more pleasant to eat with than wooden cutlery.

Whilst the numbers clearly point to polystyrene, I figure the difference is a small price to pay to help our environment into the future and to provide a more pleasant eating experience for our customers.

Pictured above (right): Display of MYPIE London's butternut squash, green chilli and feta cheese pies served in Biopac's compostable sugarcane clamshells.

Karen: That's great to hear and we totally agree. Have you had much feedback from your customers on this?

Chris: Predominately, we have customers saying how sturdy the cutlery is – and that its nice to eat with. Occasionally some fool will give us the whole “save the oceans” spiel and its great to be able to tell them “Well actually…..”.

MY PIE London pie2

Pictured above: MYPIE London's free range chicken and smoked ham hock pie, served in Biopac's medium sugarcane clamshell.

Karen: It must be great to show your customers you're one step ahead and already using sustainable packaging that's very kind to the environment. How did you first hear of Biopac?

Chris: We’ve actually been using Biopac packaging since Day 1! The 10% discount we receive as an NCASS member helps but it isn’t vital to our continual working relationship. We love the products and what they stand for, and I can't fault the customer service at Biopac.

MY PIE London pie

Pictured above: MYPIE London's Hampshire venison, mushroom and red wine pie served in Biopac's sugarcane bowl.

Karen: Thanks for being this week's #EcoChampion Chris. We're proud to have been part of your journey since the beginning and would like to thank you for using our products.  

Finally, we asked Chris to provide a testimonial for Biopac:

“There are no downfalls. Biopac provides next day delivery, cost is competitive and quality is second to none. They have a great range too.”

About the Biopac products featured:

Click here to view Biopac's range of compostable Sugarcane Clamshells used by MYPIE London - Perfectly suited to takeaways and fast food outlets serving hot food. The hinged boxes, made from natural plant fibres are 100% compostable and available in a variety of sizes.

Click here to view Biopac's range of Starch Cutlery, made from plant starch.

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