Pink Grapefruit is a brand new quality cold pressed juice bar, established by Phillip Rogers, a half British and half Singaporean South London resident.

Phillip said, "What we love about London street food is the range and quality on offer with the emphasis always on taste. Our juice bar is all about quality and flavour. The low speed squeezing of cold press juicers means less oxidation and little damage to enzymes and nutrients. This means a healthier drink, but most crucially for us, one fuller in the flavours of the fruits and vegetables we juice."

Pink Grapefruit focuses on seasonal, speciality and Singaporean flavours such as Pêche de Vigne, Rainier Cherry, and Asparagus Lemonade. As well as flavour, the packaging in which they serve their juices is also of great importance to Philip. "A lot of street food markets and customers expect eco friendly packaging and if there's a choice, we would always rather go with something more sustainable." Phillip continued, "We chose to use Biopac's PLA tumblers. Their product samples arrived promptly and their cups stack well which is very important for our display. We like their products and what they stand for. Their customer service was first class."

Mark Brigden, Director at Biopac said, "Pink Grapefruit joins an increasing number of streetfood traders who are considering the environment in their purchasing decisions. We supply a range of eco friendly catering disposables to street food markets and our PLA Tumblers are extremely popular. They offer the same durability and aesthetic appeal as plastic tumblers but are much kinder to the environment. They can be composted and broken down completely in less than 12 weeks, compared to conventional plastics which can take 400 years to break down."

Pink Grapefruit also produce seasonal cordials, smoothies and hot fruit and vegetable based drinks to compliment their juice offering. You will find them next at Catford Broadway Market on Saturday 28th June. For more information on Biopac's eco friendly cold drink cups, please click here or call 01386 555 777.