How to Green Your Event

6 steps to going green in 2019

1. Go Digital

Get rid of paper ticketing and scheduling. You can now get apps that your attendees can use that will allow them to store their ticket, plan their day, find their way around the event and much more. Seasoned festival goers will always find a way to keep their devices charged and they will thank you for not having to pay the additional cost for an official festival lanyard!

2. Smarten the Journey

Many festivals have a transport partnership, but if your event isn’t that big then you can still cut the total event fuel consumption and emissions. Like the Glasgow Commonwealth games, you could make the venue a car free zone and refer your attendees to all public transport options. If public transport is a not an option then encourage car sharing with a discount on parking for those who offer to take other attendees.

3. Avoid Chemical Toilets

If you need portable toilets then consider a compostable option that uses sawdust to prevent smells and once the waste is composted it can be used to spread on fields. Chemical toilets aren’t eco-friendly due to the amount of water and chemicals used.

4. Source locally

Decrease your carbon footprint by sourcing as many local suppliers as possible. The Nationwide Caterers association (NCASS) can direct you to local food and drinks traders.

5. Try and Go Renewable

Try and use as much renewable energy as possible. As an example, you could turn to a solar powered sound and lighting set up or use biodiesel generators as Glastonbury have done since 2014.

6. Use Eco-friendly Food Packaging

Ditch the plastic and go for a compostable solution for your catering disposables. Festival and event organisers are now much more focused on creating a sustainable and environmentally responsible event. For example, many are now encouraging attendees to bring reusable water bottles that can be filled at strategically placed water stations.

However, this isn’t always practial and you should look to use a compostable solution where you can. Biopac market a wide a range of compostable catering disposables for festivals and events which include, tumblers, hot cups, takeaway containers, plates, bowls, paper straws etc. Biopac have also just launched their a unique range of carnauba wax-coated wooden cutlery which offers a much better eating experience.

Biopac frequently work with festival organisers helping to ensure that their compostable products are then disposed of appropriately after the event. being turned into nutrient-rich soil to regenerate earth and grow more plants after use, further helping climate change.

If you are intersted in making the Switch to an eco-friendly catering solution then check out our full range of products here.