Do you promote recycling? Are you an advocate of eco-friendly products? Or do you highlight the use of eco-friendly practises? Whether you’re the friend that always encourages others to recycle or you own a business that strives to promote the environmentally friendly message, we’d love to hear from you.

Here at Biopac we are on the hunt for #EcoChampions up and down the country. So what is an Eco Champion? An #Eco-Champion is anyone who is considerate of the environment we live in, or promoting an eco-friendly message; whether you are doing this through your actions, via social media, or through buying and using eco-friendly products you’re an #Eco-Champion in our eyes and we want to celebrate you all.

You may drive an electric vehicle, or generate your own electricity at home. You may have switched from using plastic cups to compostable cups, or reduced the amount of packaging used in your business. Or you may be doing something completely different that other people and businesses could learn from and implement themselves to make a difference.

If you’re a self-confessed #EcoChampion we’d love to hear your story. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #EcoChampion when sharing your story on social media, or email so we can help spread the message.

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