Your brand is your company's most important asset. Having your brand in front of your customers whilst they're eating, drinking or transporting your product is the perfect opportunity to get your brand out there. There are various ways in which you can brand your packaging, even with the smallest budgets.

Which option is best for you?

Many of our clients just have their logo printed on our products. It doesn't have to be a full colour print covering the entire product, although that obviously has greater impact. We can print in up to 6 colours, using eco-friendly vegetable based inks.

Printed packaging is subject to a minimum order of 10,000. For smaller quantities, we can provide printed self-adhesive labels which can be applied to the products. Or for a more authentic look, we can provide a rubber stamp so your logo can be stamped on.

branded packaging

We're always contactable

If you would like advice on promoting your brand using printed catering disposables or would like to see examples of products we have branded, please visit our custom branding page or contact our Sales Team on 01386 555 777.

For more information on branded packaging or to see examples of some of the products we have branded, click here or call to request samples.