Businesses are under increasing pressure to help protect the environment around them and combat wider concerns such as global warming - and rightly so. But the hospitality industry in particular is under the spotlight as discarded non-biodegradable cartons, cups and containers continue to threaten habitats, pollute and create waste for landfill. The cost and practicalities involved in going green can sometimes be worrying and off-putting – but it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, most eco-friendly solutions have additional benefits that make them a naturally savvy choice for street food sellers, takeaways and mobile caterers.

One such solution is our Sugarcane range. Perfectly suited to street food traders, takeaways and fast food outlets, these sustainable products boast multiple benefits both for your business and the environment.

Versatile – and very eco-friendly

Our Sugarcane products are created using a blend of natural, renewably sourced plant fibres. These are then moulded and shaped into trays, containers, tableware and more. The possibilities are endless and the range includes everything a caterer or food vendor could need – from bowls and plates to the traditional style clamshell boxes. Sugarcane material is suitable for microwave and oven use and even freezing – so you won’t have to adapt your current way of working to accommodate them. Once used, the products can be thrown away with the food waste and fully composted.

An intelligent alternative to polystyrene

When you switch to sugarcane your customers benefit alongside the environment. Unlike traditional polystyrene takeaway containers and boxes, Sugarcane products don’t sweat. Instead, any moisture from hot food is absorbed by the natural materials they are created from, leaving food presented looking and tasting exactly as it was intended to be. Sugarcane products also retain heat very well, keeping their contents hotter for longer.

A recipe for success

Being environmentally friendly is notoriously ‘costly’ – with a reputation for being expensive and financially difficult. But when it comes to sustainable packaging, the solutions available are incredibly affordable – and as detailed above, they also possess additional benefits for your business. As customers demand to know that they’re enjoying their food with a cleaner conscience, businesses that fail to keep up may be left behind by more considerate competitors.

Sustainability needn’t cost the earth. Get in touch today to speak to us about our sustainable packaging solutions, or browse our range of Sugarcane containers and tableware here.