As Street Food markets and food festivals gain popularity nationwide, there has been a shift in focus from locally sourced produce to sustainable living. In a trend largely driven by millennials, traders are striving to offer a more eco-friendly experience and better presented, tastier cuisine - plus packaging with credentials to match the produce served. Today we explain how making the switch can be easy – and why sustainability matters in more ways than one for market-goers and stallholders alike.

Why is waste an issue at markets and food festivals?

Waste left behind at festivals has been making front-page news for some time – resulting in bad publicity for much-loved markets and foodie events. As a result mobile food traders, stallholders and organisers are striving to change the somewhat ‘destructive’ image and poor reputation events can suffer following clean up. But good publicity isn’t the only benefit of an environmentally mindful approach.

A shift to more sustainable practices and eco-friendly packaging has largely been driven by consumer demand – and the scope for better business as a result. Younger generations tend to frequent food festivals more than their ‘baby boomer’ counterparts – and their environmentally aware perspective and focus on social responsibility compels them to support brands that share their values and visions.

According to accountancy firm Green Hasson Janks 77% of food and beverage respondents have changed or added products based on consumer sustainability concerns, supporting the theory that consumers display increasing desire for sustainable practice whilst simultaneously demonstrating the industry’s desire to change.

Innovative ideas that reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction

Up and down the country event organisers are looking into waste management methods that enhance customer experience in a convenient and natural way. At Borough Market in London, organisers have taken a novel and proactive approach to reducing waste from plastic bottles in particular. As part of the historic market’s gravitation towards zero-waste status free drinking water fountains were installed, encouraging market-goers to refill and reuse rather than buy and throw away. This innovative scheme comes ahead of a movement to phase out single-use water bottles, which is supported by traders and surrounding cafes. When it comes to serving food however it’s impossible to ignore the necessity of some kind of packaging – meaning safer and more sustainable alternatives must be found for events and locations such as Borough Market in order for them to continue their pledge.

Bringing home the bacon with Biopac

We recognise the need for packaging that works beautifully, looks great and most importantly has zero impact on the environment. We work with a range of traders in the quick service industry who are already committed to reducing waste, offering more eco-friendly packaging choices for savvy customers. Our innovative solutions not only help mobile food companies to save the environment – they also help you to make a lasting positive impression on customers in more ways than one. Each product has also been carefully and consciously designed to offer additional benefits – such as enhancing food presentation and customer experience. From cups, trays and cutlery to tumblers, bowls and bags, Biopac is committed to helping the quick service industry to make a difference to their surroundings.

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