Every day hundreds of thousands of Britons put their coffee cup into a recycling bin but in fact, these cups aren't actually recyclable - they're lined with a plastic film.

The UK throws away 2.5 billion cups a year and less than 1% get recycled. These are statistics recently brought to light by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall which are concerning many.

As part of his War on Waste battle, Hugh has taken to the streets of London in a double-decker bus covered with 10,000 empty takeaway coffee cups to raise awareness of this and to try and drive change.

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How green are your coffee cups?

With the UK getting through 10,000 cups every two minutes, it is time we all switched to a more eco-friendly option. Biopac's coffee cups are produced from certified sustainable board. Unlike a conventional coffee cup (lined with a plastic film), Biopac’s cups are lined with a plant starch material to make the cup leakproof. 100% compostable in just 12 weeks, there is an alternative out there that's very kind to the environment - and it's available to buy now.

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