This week's #EcoChampion is Henry from The Gentlemen Baristas. We talk to Henry about cups and the decisions they've taken to help live and work in a more sustainable environment.

Karen: Hi Henry. Thank you for being this week's #EcoChampion. Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about The Gentlemen Baristas and how it came about?
Henry: Hi. Yes, The Gentlemen Baristas was established in 2014. We set out to reinvent and revitalise the traditional London Coffee House.
Karen: That's great Henry. I understand after just 4 years, you now have three outlets?
Henry: Yes. Despite its relative youth, our coffee house has developed into a place where people from all over London, from all walks of life, come to meet. We have grown our estate of cafes to three in London. Our first was The Coffee House which is situated on Union Street. Then we launched one in the Building Centre on Store St, just off the beaten path from Tottenham Court Road. Most recently, we opened The School House in the Jerwood Space on Union Street, which is just a stones throw from the original Coffee House.
Karen: And do you have plans to launch any further outlets?

Henry: Yes, we're excited to have just launched The Coffee Store on Park Street in Borough Market.
Karen: How long have you been using eco-friendly catering disposables at your outlets?
Henry: We have always been committed to using eco-friendly disposables since we launched back in 2014. More attention is being paid to the environment not only by traders, but even more now by consumers themselves. It has been great to see environmental awareness build over the past year and due to this we have chosen to use recyclable cups. We want to aid the effort in ensuring that the world we leave our children is something we can be proud of.
Karen: And have you had any feedback from your customers on the packaging you use?
Henry: More customers ask the question about eco disposables now and are very happy to see our efforts towards sustainability and helping the environment around us. We love seeing the movement away from plastic straws and disposables. Our general managers and teams constantly question us about how we can work to improve our eco footprint and sustainability - So much so we have set up a sustainability group in house to discuss these matters monthly and be ahead of the curve.

Karen: That's fantastic!
gentlemen baristas

Pictured above: Gentlemen Baristas branded recylcable cups.

Finally, we asked Henry to provide a testimonial for Biopac:

“We use a number of products from Biopac. The main purchases we make are for recyclable coffee cups. With Biopac being one of the UK's industry leaders (in our eyes) and as well priced in the market, we continue to use them."
Henry. C.A.W.Ayers, Director and Founder of The Gentlemen Baristas.

About the Biopac products featured:

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