Our business has long been inspired by the impact packaging has on the environment – and the small changes each one of us can make which will have significant consequences for the world around us. Where QSRs are concerned in particular, the statistics surrounding waste and sustainability used to be shocking – thanks to the nature of the industry and little focus on eco-friendliness. Things are improving – but there’s still some way to go for the industry as a whole.

This was in fact one of the driving forces behind the conception of Biopac. We knew how easy and cost-effective it could be for QSRs to make a sustainable switch – and we wanted to share that with businesses, giving them a viable option with plenty of variety to make their day-to-day running easier, cheaper and kinder on the environment. Here we explain how simple it can be to ensure that your packaging is fit for purpose, reflects your brand and helps you to make more money – all whilst remaining environmentally friendly.

Consider your requirements

What does your packaging need to do? Does it need to be lightweight? Does it need to store products safely? Does it need to keep food hot and fresh? Choosing the wrong type of packaging for your needs could adversely affect the taste and presentation of your product. For example, food could become cold, sweat or simply become undesirable during transportation. Therefore, considering your requirements carefully before selecting packaging could improve customer satisfaction and retention.

We provide an innovative range of products that are designed with different requirements in mind. From insulated coffee cups to storage boxes, straws and cups, we have an eco-friendly, high quality solution for every requirement. Whilst it’s important to offer sustainable options, it’s also key that each item delivers and helps you to maintain a good overall impression – enhancing your product rather than tainting or adversely affecting it.

Choose innovative products that enhance customer experience

Your packaging is often the first thing customers see and feel. Before they get a glimpse of the food, they’re touching and looking at what it’s contained within - so quality and appearance matters. Raise brand awareness with bespoke, branded packaging that’s fully recognisable as yours – and include social links so that customers can connect with you and share their experience.

Our environmentally friendly products can be fully customised and are designed to enhance customer experience. Take for example our sugarcane boxes – fully compostable and biodegradable, they ensure that food doesn’t sweat or become soggy during transit between takeaway and table.

Remember that consumers favour environmentally conscious brands

Don’t forget when sourcing packaging that any benefits to the environment are also joined by a public appetite for eco-conscious, caring packaging and practices. Multiple studies have shown that consumers actively choose to engage with companies that demonstrate consideration for the environment – and would consider switching from a brand that doesn’t. Our Business Development Manager Sam Walker explains: “By investing in compostable packaging, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and show the customer your willingness to go that extra mile. Consumers react strongly towards companies that use local or ethical supply chains for their food produce. Environmentally friendly packaging is an extension of this ethos.”

Discover more about our range of innovative, eco-friendly packaging solutions here.