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  • Tuesday, Feb 05, 2019

Many of you will have seen the Guardian study into 'biodegradable' plastic bags making the rounds over the last few days, so we thought we’d take the time to explain a bit more about it.

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  • Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Sustainability is at the centre of Allan’s business Values, which is why he has turned to Biopac for his biodegradable catering disposables for the last 3 years. Allan uses a wide Biopac compostable range that includes 12 oz cups, burger trays, boxes, baguette trays, clamshells, grease proof bags and starch cutlery.

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  • Tuesday, Apr 30, 2019

Biopac has teamed up with A Greener Festival (AGF) as part of the commitment to help events, festivals and venues around the world become more sustainable and reduce their environmental impact.

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  • Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

The Biopac Art Series cups featuring designs from 12 UK artists, are made from sustainably sourced paper lined with Ingeo™ bioplastic – which is made from plants, not plastic. Choosing bioplastic over plastic reduces carbon emissions by 75%. These paper hot cups can be commercially composted and are designed to be part of the circular economy.

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  • Thursday, Nov 08, 2018

I think we can all now agree that there is far too much waste in our seas and oceans. The brutal fact is that eight million pieces of plastic pollution enter the oceans each day*. This has devastating consequences, harming wildlife and washing up on the beaches we want to enjoy on holiday.

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