Eco friendly food packaging

Biopac is the UK’s leading developer and supplier of eco friendly food packaging and catering disposables. After years of intensive research and development, we've created a comprehensive range of innovative and environmentally friendly products that are both practical and sustainable.

Did you know 100% biodegradable packaging can be composted and broken down completely in less than 12 weeks? It can also be composted alongside the food waste associated with it – ideal for caterers and foodservice outlets, and very kind to the environment.

Our biodegradable packaging is perfect for all those restaurants, delis, cafes, caterers and coffee shops who want to demonstrate their deep commitment to the environment. The range includes hot and cold drink cups, take away boxes, soup and salad containers, portion pots, deli containers, plates, bowls and trays, sandwich packaging, cake boxes, bags, cutlery, napkins and paper, even janitorial products and branded workwear. We also design bespoke and custom branded packaging.

The product range is growing by the month so please keep checking our website or sign up to our newletter for regular updates.

Biodegradable packaging from Biopac
Better for the environment and your business.

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Biopac's response to recyclable cups - Thursday, March 17, 2016
It has been widely reported this week that 2.5 billion takeaway coffee cups per year are thrown away in the UK, and less than 1% get recycled. This is because most cups have a polyethylene coating (needed to stop leaks) that must be separated before recycling. Biopac's coffee cups are 100% compostable so much kinder to the environment.
It Pays To Prove You're Green - Sunday, September 27, 2015
With many traders in the Takeaway and Streetfood business now switching to biodegradable packaging, it’s clear the tide is turning.
Biopac to lead seminar at Takeaway Expo - Friday, August 14, 2015
Biopac will be hosting a seminar 'It Pays to Prove You're Green' at The Takeaway Innovation Expo on Tuesday 29th September.
Beyond Beans - How to operate a Cafè sustainably - Monday, May 11, 2015
Biopac to join Sheila Dillon and Henry Dimbleby in Caffè Culture Show Speaker Line-up, Wednesday 13th May 2015.